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Second wave of Chinese PhD students at C·A·P

Cooperation with the Centre for European Studies at Renmin University of China

21.08.2006 · C·A·P

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Wang Xuejun, Wang Junwei and Yin Jiwu, PhD students from Renmin University of China (Beijing), are staying for three month at the C·A·P in order to conduct research on transatlantic relations.

They constitute a second wave of Chinese students coming to Europe within the framework of the collaborative research project The Impact of EU Enlargement on European Integration and the Global Political Economy which the C·A·P jointly conducts with the Centre for European Studies at Renmin University.

The first two students stayed in Munich from mid-May to mid-August 2006. They successfully accomplished their research on the economic aspects of EU enlargement at C·A·P.

C·A·P's Managing Director Jürgen Turek (left) and Dr. Franco Algieri, director of the collaborative research project (right) welcome the Chinese PhD students at C·A·P.

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