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Gaining Online Expertise in times of Covid-19

Tunisian Experts get Formation in Digital Tools

22.06.2020 · C·A·P

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the C·A·P and its Tunisian partners' "Policy Advice and Strategy Development" project as it did with many events world-wide. Plans had to be changed, meetings and trainings had to be set from the analog to the digital sphere, as flights from Germany to Tunisia and gatherings in the North African country – which had overcome the crisis very well and has been re-opening already as of mid-May – were blocked.

But as resolving problems and anticipating future possibilities makes part of strategic thinking and acting anyway, this project had found its way forward: On 11 and 12 June 2020, the program's participants were trained professionally in how to use digital tools for online conferencing, and on how to moderate meetings, such as workshops, conferences, or trainings, successfully online.

The trainings on Zoom and on Vitero Inspire were provided by the online conferencing experts Maria Christina Nimmerfroh and Anne Rickert (Institut Online Mediation IOM).

So, if the pandemic hits back, our Tunisian experts are well prepared!

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