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Second workshop on Policy Advice in Tunisia

Gathering young Tunisian experts

04.10.2016 · C·A·P

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Gathering young Tunisian experts in the field of women rights, entrepreneurship, corruption, human rights, elections, media, project development and policy consultancy, part II of the "Policy Advice and Strategy Development" 2016 workshop series of C·A·P took place in Tunis from 30 September to 2 October 2016.

Based on the experts' policy papers published recently by C·A·P, instructions on policy making and applied policy research, exercises and trainings as well as conversations with multiplicators were now on the agenda to open pathways of effective advice in crucial policy fields.

The met goals were to revise the policy paper writing processes, to raise the experts’ capabilities for exact policy advice, media outreach, and networking, and to enhance an appropriate understanding of policy advice in consideration of the ambiguous conditions of policy making in the Tunisian context.

Many thanks go to all who made this workshop possible for delivering more fruitful results now and in future in order to make Tunisia’s transition to democracy sustainable.

The program "Policy Advice and Strategy Development" which C·A·P implements with the support of the Union des Tunisiens Indépendants pour la Liberté (UTIL), the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) and the Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences of Tunis of the University of Carthage is part of the Bavarian-Tunisian Action Plan 2016-2018 of the government of the Free State of Bavaria and the Ministry for Development, Investment and international Cooperation of the Republic of Tunisia, and is financially supported by the government of the Free State of Bavaria.

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