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Smart Power - Ways of Enhancing the Council of Europe's Impact

1st meeting of the task force at C·A·P

29.07.2013 · C·A·P

The participants of the 1st meeting at C·A·P (from left to right) Werner WEIDENFELD (CAP), Hans MARTENS (EPC), Jacek KUCHARCZYK (ISP), Eva FELDMANN-WOJTACHNIA (CAP) Bettina REITER (CAP), André HÄRTEL (CoE), Nadia ARBATOVA (IMEMO), Edmund RADTKA (CAP) Johannes MEINERS (CAP), Pawel POLOK (C·A·P)

At the invitation of the Council of Europe (CoE) and under the coordination of André Härtel (Directorate for Policy Planning of the CoE), a number of renowned European Think Tanks met on 27 June 2013 at the C·A·P. The aim of the Task Force is to work out a joint strategic report aiming at an innovative new perspective on the Council’s mandate, its structures and instruments, and its relationship with other international organizations etc. During this first meeting the participants mainly discussed how the CoE’s political impact could be enhanced through the research expertise of the institutes involved, such as the Institute for World Economy and International Relations (Moscow), Instytut Spraw Publicznych (Warsaw), FRIDE (Madrid). Chair of the Task Force is Prof. Werner Weidenfeld, director of the Center of Applied Policy Research. The participants will now prepare written versions of their contributions. A first draft of the envisaged report will be discussed in November 2013.