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Gulf Security: From zero-sum games to regional cooperation?

An analysis by Michael Bauer

Michael Bauer: Gulf Security: From zero-sum games to regional cooperation? ISPI Policy Brief No. 202, December 2010

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27.12.2010 · ISPI Policy Brief No. 202 / Dec 2010

In his Policy Brief for the Italian Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) CAP-Research Fellow Michael Bauer outlines a differentiated picture of the security situation in the Persian-Arab Gulf. He conceptualizes the Gulf as a regional security sub-complex and elaborates on the main regional actors, their political constitution, the distribution of power between them as well as the region’s security culture and practices. Based on these considerations, he proposes a set of policy recommendations for the international community and argues for a broadening of the Gulf’s security agenda in order to create potential for a gradual shift from a zero-sum toward a more cooperative balance of power system.

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