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Congratulations, Mr. President ...
here is our agenda

C·A·Perspectives · 2 · 2008

Thomas Bauer:
Congratulations, Mr. President ... here is our agenda
C·A·Perspectives · 2 · 2008

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30.10.2008 · Thomas Bauer

The Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P) is glad to present a new publication series: C·A·Perspectives. The C·A·P experts pick up current developments and problems in international politics that affect Europe and the European Union. Our aim is to give a short and precise analysis and clear policy recommendations. We thereby address decision-makers in politics and economics and the media.

There will be 8-10 issues per year which can be downloaded from our website www.cap-lmu.de. If you want to be provided with all issues of C·A·Perspectives by email, please send an email to the C·A·Perspectives editors Thomas Bauer, Matthias Chardon and Sarah Seeger at CAPerspectives (at) cap-lmu.de (subject: subscribe CAPerspectives).

Our second issue: The fate of the transatlantic relationship does not solely depend on whether John McCain or Barack Obama will move into the White House after the elections next week. It will rather be decided by the way Europeans react to and interact with the new U.S. President, as well as to which extent they are willing and able to set an agenda and contribute to its implementation.

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