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The CHINDIA-Connection and its implications for the Transatlantic Partnership

C·A·P Aktuell · 6· 2006

Thomas Bauer: The CHINDIA-Connection and its implications for the Transatlantic Partnership
C·A·P Aktuell · 6 · August 2006

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10.08.2006 · Thomas Bauer

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With the emergence of China and India the focus of international politics is shifting more and more to Asia. American and European experts therefore discussed in a two-day conference at the Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P) the 'Chindia Connection' and the implications for the transatlantic partnership. The 14th Transatlantic Roundtable of the Improving Responsiveness Program, dealing with this important topic, was organized in cooperation with the U.S.Consulate General in Munich. The 25 Participants analysed various security and economy related aspects concerning the current approach of the United States and the European Union towards China and India and the increasing cooperation between both emerging powers.

The Center for Applied Policy Research would like to thank the German Marshall Fund of the United States for enabling this conference by the generous support of the Transatlantic Roundtable Program as part of a Key Institution Grant to the C·A·P.

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