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An added value economic model for Tunisia

C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 03-2017

02.11.2017 · C·A·P

Dhekra ElHidri, expert on the model of Social and Solidary Economy (Economie Sociale et Solidaire, ESS), argues in her policy paper (in French) in favor of reforms in the economic and social sector in post-revolutionary Tunisia. Social and Solidary Economy is a true pillar for human development in Tunisia and elsewhere through local development, fair trade, and its potential for a sector in the phase of restructuring. It aims to rebalance the relationship between producer and consumer and to implement a logic of reciprocity and proximity between individuals, private enterprises and public institutions. This socio-economic project is built in response to the inability of market economy to reduce the inequalities of wealth and to meet the needs of the poorest, and to the depersonalization of trade on the national or International level. The basic objective of this model is to recreate the social link in economic exchanges and to put the human being at the heart of the concerns of the economy.

L'Economie Sociale et Solidaire : Un Levier pour une Révolution Economique
C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 03-2017 by Dhekra ElHidri

The paper is part of the Policy Advice and Strategy Development Project, financed by the Free State of Bavaria as part of the Bavarian-Tunisian Action Plan 2016-2018.

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