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The Threat of Cyber Terrorism in Tunisia

C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 04-2017

15.11.2017 · C·A·P

Tunisian cyber security expert Mayssa Zerzri analyses in her policy paper the multidimensional and changing threat created by terrorist organizations which have invaded cyberspace and made it a battleground: Their activities are no longer limited to  propaganda, fundraising, training, planning and execution of physical attacks. Rather, they extended their field of action to attacking their victims by sabotaging online infrastructure from anywhere in the world in a way that hides their actual identity by the means of Inter- and Dark Net technology, therefore creating a new demand for adequate preparedness and countermeasures.

Thus, she sheds the light on the legal, institutional and political challenges to address the phenomenon of cyber terrorism and to minimize its risks and consequences in the Tunisian context.

The Threat of Cyber Terrorism and Recommen­dations for Countermeasures
C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 04-2017 by Mayssa Zerzri

The paper is part of the Policy Advice and Strategy Development, supported by the Government of the Free State of Bavaria as part of the Bavarian-Tunisian Action Plan 2016-2018.

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