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Online Freedom of Expression

C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 05-2017

16.11.2017 · C·A·P

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In C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia Policy Paper No. 5-2017, e-Journalist and acvitist Marwa Jabrane analyses the state of Internet freedom in Tunisia. By focusing on the conformity of the Tunisian legal framework governing the Internet with the international standards of the protection of freedom of expression and the right to privacy, she argues that the case for reforms and amendments in this area is crucial. While the Internet is partly free in practice since the 2011 revolution, the repressive laws that formed part of the censorship routine of the Ben Ali regime remain, thus threatening the right of free speech on the Internet. Recent steps taken by the authorities may lead in the right direction, but old practices which seriously harm freedoms of journalists, as well as the non-regulation of new media are challenges which have to be addressed.

Online Freedom of Expression and the Legal Regulations of New Media
C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 05-2017 by Marwa Jabrane

The paper is part of the Policy Advice and Strategy Development Project, supported by the Free State of Bavaria as part of the Bavarian-Tunisian Action Plan 2016-2018.

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