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Civic Engagement in the Atlantic Community

Publication by Josef Janning, Charles Kupchan and Dirk Rumberg (eds.)

Josef Janning, Charles Kupchan, Dirk Rumberg (eds.): Civic Engagement in the Atlantic Community, Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers, Gütersloh 1999,
ISBN 3-89204-253-5

01.02.1999 · Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik

The "West", the "Atlantic community", the "Transatlantic alliance" - these were expressions used ubequitously during the decades of east-west conflict, distinguishing the West from the more negative image of the eastern bloc.

The end of the old political order in Eastern Europe provided the Atlantic community with an opportunity to redefine its self-image. High-ranking experts and politicians examine the questions wether and to what extend the West has utilizsed this chance. They put the highly endorsed "community of like values" to the test and discuss the idea of a "civil society". Will it provide enough groundwork for a new bridge across the Atlantic?

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