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Deepening the Atlantic

Toward a New Transatlantic Marketplace? Publication by Wolfgang H. Reinicke

Reinicke, Wolfgang H. Deepening the Atlantic: Toward a New Transatlantic Marketplace? Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers, 1996.

01.12.1996 · Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik

The end of the cold war has led to some doubt concerning security policy cooperation as being the primary basis of transatlantic partnership. It seems that in future economic relations will become the most important item on the transatlantic agenda, considering the proposal to create a "transatlantic economic marketplace."

Wolfgang H. Reinicke, member of the research staff of the Brookings Institution in Washington, has been observing this trend in transatlantic relations and is keeping a critical eye on the current developments and perspectives in the face of a world economy which has been shaped by globalization and regionalization.

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