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Addressing major regional challenges in Tunisia

Expert workshop in Médenine

20.09.2018 · C·A·P

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On 3 September 2018, Dr. Riadh Béchir and Dr. Tarek Ghazel, participants of the Policy Advice and Strategy Development Program, gathered more than 50 researchers, activists and representatives of the civil society, as well as journalists at the Institute for the Arid Regions in Médenine, Tunisia, for a conference and discussion of the topic of "The Socio-economic Challenges of the Governorate of Médenine: The examples of Violent Extremism and Contraband" (Les défis socioéconomiques au gouvernorat de Médenine : L’Extrémisme violent et la contrebande comme exemples).

The event took place in presence of and with an introductory note by the Governor of Médenine, Habib Chawat, and a key note given by Mokhtar Ben Naceur, President of the National Commission for the Fight against Terrorism, and a welcome address by Ludwig Schulz (C.A.P.). Other distinguished speakers were Ali Abaab, GIZ expert on regional planning, Mohamed Jouili, expert on extremism prevention from the University of Tunis, and Moez Ali, President of UTIL.

The event aimed at initiating a process of network and public awareness building efforts and of reflection on how to address the reasons behind contraband and violent extremism effectively and sustainably by developing a local and regional political approach. It is based on the two strategy papers written by Dr. Béchir and Dr. Ghazel and published in the framework of the program (see https://www.cap-lmu.de/publikationen/) which is supported by the Government of the Free State of Bavaria.

Download: Conference Report

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