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New Dynamism for Entrepreneurship in Monastir and beyond

Monastir to set an example in supporting entrepreneurship in Tunisia

11.12.2018 · C·A·P

Within the framework of the Policy Advice and Strategy Development program which the Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P) in collaboration with the Union of Independent Tunisians for Liberty (UTIL), the Faculty of Juridical, Social and Political Studies of the University of Carthage and the Arab Human Rights Institute implements since 2016, a process has been started by Mohamed Haroun Ouanes, expert for entrepreneurship in the Tunisian city of Monastir and author of the policy paper "Entrepreneuriat en Tunisie Recommandations pour relever les défis économiques" (C·A·Perspectives on Tunisia No. 3-2016), to reflect collectively on the potentials and challenges for entrepreneurship, and to raise the levels of social, economic and political understanding and action to improve the working conditions for entrepreneurs in the city and region of Monastir in particular and in Tunisia in general.

Since July 2018, Mr. Ouanes together with local stakeholders and likeminds as well as many helping hands realized several meetings where representatives from politics and bureaucracy met with established and young entrepreneurs, stakeholders from business, associations, unions, as well as young professionals and representatives from civil society and media discussed problems and solutions for entrepreneurship. 


As a result of this process of reflection and deliberation, an "Entrepreneurship Charter in the Governorate of Monastir" is to be set up, which combines principles for public conduct in favor of entrepreneurship and an open, innovative and social economy, which are based on best practices and creative refection, with practice-oriented recommendations for Tunisian politics, bureaucracy, economy and society to join forces in favor of a prosperous future of the country.

The Charta had been signed in July 2019 in a ceremony in Monastir by the support, beyond others, of the Tunis Office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (see this facebook post).


Preliminary Draft of the Charta for Entrepreneurship (in Arabic, French and English)

Report of the Meetings in 2018 and the Process of Drafting the Charta for Entrepreneurship

Videos on YouTube

Meeting 06 July 2018: Interactive Meeting on Entrepreneurship in Monastir: Diagnosis - Sharing experiences – Recommendations

Meeting 16 September 2018: Workshops for young people of Monastir: Unemployment - Entrepreneurship - Economic Inclusion – Governance

Meeting 06 October 2018: Round table on the challenges and issues of entrepreneurship in Monastir: Towards a regional consensus

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