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Policy Advice and Strategy Development

New round of workshops started in Tunisia

05.05.2017 · C·A·P

One year after our initial project, a new round of the "Policy Advice and Strategy Development" workshop series, organised by C·A·P, UTIL, the Arab Institute of Human Rights and the Faculty of Juridical, Political and Social Sciences, has started in Tunis. A group of 13 Tunisian experts of various academic and professional backgrounds gathered in Gammarth from 27 - 30 April to get informed about current issues of policy making in Tunisia, to discuss hot topics of social and political concern in the country, to exchange views on necessary reforms, and to receive an input on why and how to conduct policy advice effectively by the means of academic researching and policy paper writing.

It has been inspiring days and moments to remember, not least, but also during the lively discussion with the Hon. Members of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, Leila Chettaoui and Sabrine Ghoubantini, in the Tunisian Parliament, as well as in meeting Franz Maget, former head of the Bavarian Social Democratic Party and long-term leader of the opposition in the Bavarian Regional Parliament.

Interacting with policy makers, critically analyzing current and future developments in societies and political entities, as well as bringing in valid data and results of sound research, developing strategies for change, and opening new perspectives for debates are the main ingredients for the active and responsible support that an independent academia can give to policy making and to the transformation of political and socio-economic conditions of a country to the better. That is what lies in the focus of the workshop series conducted by C·A·P and supported by the Government of the Free State of Bavaria as part of the Action Plan 2015-2018 between Bavaria and the Tunisian Republic.


Leading Change Across the Mediterranean: Bavarian-Tunisian Program on Policy Advice and Strategy Development

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