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International Middle East Summer School 2017

Students get intensive course on the Middle East

28.08.2017 · C·A·P

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For three and a half weeks in August, a group of 19 students from 15 countries and three continents gathered in Munich to attend the 4th Middle East Summer School, organized by MEIA Research in cooperation with the International University Club Munich, the Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P), and the Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies of Ludwig Maximilian University.

The students got instructions in Middle East politics, social and economic affairs, and were engaging in interactive exercises and trainings. In addition, they attented meetings and talks in Vienna at the OPEC headquarter, the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue and at the United Nations. The Summer School has been once again a place of learning and exchanging views, of getting to know people and cultures, and of enjoying summer time in Munich and Vienna, and at many spots for sightseeing.

For further information see www.meia-misu.de

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