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Workshop on Policy Research Tools

Sebastian Schäffer introduced the C·A·P policy paper series C·A·Perspectives in Amman

15.03.2012 · C·A·P

The Center for Applied Policy Research in cooperation with Seminars Simulations Consulting Europe and the Romanian Academic Society held a workshop on Policy Research Tools for Jordanian civil society organisations (CSOs) in Amman. During the two day workshop Sebastian Schäffer introduced the C·A·P policy paper series C·A·Perspectives, a format that is relatively new in the policy shaping landscape in Jordan. Since the members of parliament in Amman do not have their own research staff, policy making often lacks precise and concise policy advise. The workshop was the first among a whole series of trainings for Jordanian civil society organisations organised by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) to enable them to provide this advise.

Representatives from five Jordanian CSOs (Al Quds Center for Political Studies, Al Badeel Center for Studies, Identity Center, Al Thoraia Center for Studies and Phoenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies) participated at the workshop and began to exchange experience, share ideas and started identifying potential topics for policy papers. The Center for Applied Policy Research will continue to support the NDI and the Jordanian CSOs in their further efforts.

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