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Beyond EU Enlargement

Strategy paper by Werner Weidenfeld (ed.)

Werner Weidenfeld (ed.): Beyond EU Enlargement, Strategy Paper, Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers, Gütersloh 2001,
ISBN 3-89204-550-X
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26.04.2001 · Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik

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Volume 1: Iris Kempe (ed.), The Agenda of Direct Neighbourhood for Eastern Europe
ISBN 3-89204-548-8

Volume 2: Wim van Meurs (ed.), The Agenda of Stabilisation for Southeastern Europe
ISBN 3-89204-549-6

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova will be direct neighbours of the EU. The EU is trying to develop relations with these states on the basis of partnership and co-operation, while denying those countries prospects for accession. Because of continuous political instability, economic crises and weakness of civil society the future neighbouring countries constitute risks for security and stability for Europe as a whole, which have been underestimated so far. At the same time current EU policy bears the danger of excluding the future neighbouring states from the process of European stabilisation by creating new dividing lines.

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