Structure: The Center and the Research Groups

The C·A·P is divided into Research Groups that form the institution’s working units. They produce analyses, position papers and workshops in their particular areas. At conferences, in publications and in the media, the Research Groups introduce strategies and policy options into the contemporary political discourse. Their activities also include the participation of an interdisciplinary network of national and international experts. Consulting services and lectures of the research fellows complement the academic work. The combination of topics, projects and resources in the Research Groups has built up a strong tradition – each department has a unique profile in applied research.

Former Irish Prime Minster Bertie Ahern and Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld during the International Bertelsmann Forum 2006 in Berlin.

The Research Group on European Affairs examines the European integration process and oversees publications such as The European Integration Yearbook and Europe from A to Z. The development of strategies for the future of Europe form the cornerstone of the Group’s work. The Research Group Youth and Europe systematically investigates young peoples’ views on issues of European integration and develops educational concepts. The focal points of the Research Group on German Affairs include the German system of government, decision-making processes and political culture in Germany, as well as external attitudes towards Germany. The Research Group on the Global Future analyzes transformation processes, the social and political consequences of technological innovation and global interdependence. Finally, the Academy Leadership & Competence develops conference models, workshops, and seminars for decision-makers and practitioners in the fields of conflict management, participation, European policy, democracy, and tolerance.

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