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The C·A·P's Partners and Network

Governmental, non-profit and corporate actors support the work of the C·A·P. The spectrum of partnerships ranges from long-term financial support, through project-specific cooperation, to exchange programs for academics. With these approaches, the Center deeply involves its partners in its results-oriented work. Regular staff reporting leads to close communication among partners.

Partnerships and cooperative projects have been undertaken with institutions that include the German Foreign Ministry; the Press Office of the German Government; the German Bundestag; the German Federal Ministry for Families, Women, Senior Citizens and Youth; the German Federal Institute for Political Education; the Bavarian Parliament; the European Commission; the Allianz Culture Foundation; the Alfred Herrhausen Society; the Bertelsmann Foundation; the Friedrich Ebert Foundation; the Goethe Institute; the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation; the Volkswagen Foundation; Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; DeutschlandRadio; the Institute for European Politics; the German Marshall Fund; the Gulf Research Center; the German Research Society; SHL Telemedicine Ltd; Personal HealthCare Telemedicine Services GmbH; the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the World Bank.

Dr. Jackson Janes, President of the Washington based American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS), and Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld.

The C·A·P’s network, which includes a vast number of individuals and institutions, promote the regular exchange of information and expertise.

Depending on a project’s scope, the C·A·P will invite external experts to contribute to a particular project. Knowledge about the profiles of decision-makers, scholars, and journalists is one of the Center’s strengths.

The C·A·P also has many years of experience with convening high-level meetings. It prepared, in close cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation, the International Bertelsmann Forum, where heads of state, cabinet members, business leaders and opinion shapers from Europe, America and Asia meet regularly to discuss Europe’s internal dynamics and external relations. For years, the Kronberg Talks have helped to deepen relations among Europe, the Middle East and the United States. At the various roundtables of the Improving Responsiveness project, experts from Europe and the United States exchange opinions and expertise on key issues of transatlantic interest. The C·A·P also organizes the Allianz Summer Academy for young academic leaders in cooperation with European universities. The German Policy Dialogue for a New Generation focuses on current domestic reform debates. The fore/sight conference series, held in 2004-2005, focused on possibilities for shaping Germany’s future. Over years the C·A·P organized the academic component of the program for the International Charlemagne Award (Karlspreis) in Aachen. Youth Parliaments, model games like “We are the parliament” provide broad learning opportunities for young people and opinion leaders.

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