How the C·A·P Communicates its Results

Applied policy research means working out innovative solutions for complex political questions. Furthermore, in a contemporary democracy, public attention has to be drawn to these solutions. For this reason, the C·A·P has a differentiated approach to communications that takes in decision-makers, experts and the public at large.

The Center organizes and gives intellectual support to a large number of discussion forums that serve not only to develop solutions but also to communicate the results of its work. Journalists are regularly included in these forums, in addition to experts and decision-makers. Many reports from the media show the high level of public interest in the work of the C·A·P. In addition, staff members publish regularly in the general media and specialized journals. Radio and television programs draw on the expertise of the C·A·P on current events. The newsletter “C·A·Panorama” reports about the institute’s work several times each year. Strategy papers, analyses, publication series, yearbooks and handbooks that the C·A·P publishes, some jointly with its partners, make the Center’s results available for specialists. Current project results are communicated via the Center’s web site.

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