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AFP: ECB action draws fire in Germany
Statement by Werner Weidenfeld
08.09.2012 · AFP

Debate in Germany Over 'Dangerous Jihadist'
Statement by Michael Bauer
09.08.2012 · New York Times

At Outset of Brussels Summit Meeting, the One Thing Missing Is Confidence
Statement by Werner Weidenfeld
28.06.2012 · New York Times (International edition)

Rebuffed on the Rhine
An electoral setback and the euro’s ills give the chancellor new headaches
19.05.2012 · Economist

Economic turmoil feared if Socialist ousts French leader Sarkozy
Statements by Werner Weidenfeld
16.04.2012 · Washington Times

EU and Energy Security: What lies ahead?
Statements by Florian Baumann, C·A·P's Expert for Energy Policy
28.10.2011 · spravy.pravda.sk

The need for an EU Gulf Strategy in the wake of the Arab spring
An article by Michael Bauer
16.05.2011 · Europe's World

Iran tests the waters of changing Middle East with naval maneuvers
Statements by Michael Bauer
22.02.2011 · DW World

Health care success may provide boost for Obama on the world stage
Statements by Werner Weidenfeld
24.03.2010 · dw-world.de

Mega-conferences are useful, just don't expect results
Werner Weidenfeld's comments on the Munich summit
04.02.2010 · dw-world.de