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Election results have sobering effect on leader of Bavaria's CSU
Statement by Werner Weidenfeld
02.10.2009 · Irish Times

Election in Germany
Video-Statements by Werner Weidenfeld
25.09.2009 · Press TV

Current optimism belies deeper concerns over US withdrawals from Iraq
Statements by Michael Bauer
29.06.2009 · dw-world.de

EU should play key role in US negotiations with Iran, experts say
Statements by Michael Bauer
11.06.2009 · dw-world.de

Obama faces big test on the Middle East
Can Obama revive the Middle East peace process? Let's hope he can, say Europeans.
18.05.2009 · dw-world.de

Suspension of Germany's economic cooperation with Iran unbeneficial for Berlin
Statement by Michael Bauer
09.05.2009 · Trend News (Azerbaijan) / D. Ibrahimova

Saberi's conviction is Iran's "bargaining chip" in relations with West
Statements by Michael Bauer
22.04.2009 · Trend News (Azerbaijan) / D. Ibrahimova

Still Iran and USA are unprepared to discuss bilateral problems
Statements by Michael Bauer
03.04.2009 · Trend News

Mohammad Khatami's pulling out from presidential elections doesn't mean reformists' defeat
Statements by Michael Bauer
17.03.2009 · Trend News (Azerbaijan) / D. Ibrahimova

Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Parties Make Gains in Austrian Elections
Statement by Britta Schellenberg
07.10.2008 · New York Times