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Betzavta/Miteinander - Modul 1

Democracy is not only a characteristic of a state or social system –
 but above all a way of life.



Datum der Veranstaltung:



We invite 15 multipliers (NGO workers, teachers, volunteers, etc) from Germany, Poland, Denmark, Turkey and Romania who work in the field of international youth work to take part in the democracy training programme Betzavta in Krzyżowa, Poland.

What is Betzavta?

Betzavta is a Hebrew word and means "together". The title of this method of learning democracy, which was developed by the Adam Institute in Israel, makes up the programme and philosophical background at the same time. Betzavta questions the traditional and unsatisfactory paths of conventional conflict resolution with surprising seminar units and presents in its place the concept
of creative conflict resolution. With the help of a special conflict dilemma method, it achieves the essential conditions for tolerant social interaction: the willingness to mutually recognize the right to personal freedom.

On this basis, the four steps of democratic decision-making provide the conflicting parties with a valuable tool for dealing with conflicts in a novel way.
The International adaptation of the programme began in 1996, initially in Germany at the Centre for Applied Political Research (Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung) at the University of Munich, then subsequently through the Adam Institute cooperating with international partners in Northern Ireland, Switzerland and South-East Europe.
Today, Betzavta is an internationally renowned democracy education programme used in schools and non-school educational institutions.

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