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13.05.2006 · C·A·P

Applied policy research, as pursued by the C·A·P, offers policy consultation as was, up until now common in the USA. The question of practical results and their implementation already play an important role in the conception and planning of the research projects.

Applied policy research also differs in the systematic development of projects. Many of the C·A·P's projects follow a tested pattern:

1. At the start is the problem analysis and an exact documentation of already developed policies and proposals.

2. Secondly, goals and criteria of proper solutions are developed.

3. Solutions based on problem analysis and a set of aims will be developed in the third step.

4. The fourth step of this project lies in mediating the results to the public.

Furthermore, discussions with decision-makers and planning units will ensure that the results will be available on time. In view of the time needed for a scientific analysis, a preliminary period of 2-3 years should be calculated. Applied policy research has to anticipate developments, the implications of scenarios has to be assessed and any future decisions need to be determined.