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Deadly Tolerance and Secularization
New book reviews on the subject of religion
24.06.2005 · Reviewed by Simone Dietrich

The Rise of the Creative Class
... and how it’s transforming work, leisure, community, & everyday life
01.06.2005 · Reviewed by Anna-Lena Hettler

Bürger, ohne Arbeit
Für eine radikale Neugestaltung der Gesellschaft
28.04.2005 · Reviewed by Jonas Paul

Die Macht der Religionen
The power of religions. Religious conflicts in global politics
06.04.2005 · Reviewed by Simone Dietrich

Homo S@piens. Living in the 21st Century.
What remains of the humans?
11.03.2005 · Reviewed by Chloé Lachauer

Terrorism and its money
Modern jihad has created its own economy of terror. A new book by Loretta Napoleoni researches the facts.
24.02.2005 · Reviewed by Jürgen Turek

The Wisdom of Crowds
Is a crowd's "collective intelligence" able to produce better outcomes than a small group of experts?
09.12.2004 · Reviewed by Chloé Lachauer

The European City – Myth and Reality
Is there a term or idea of the "European City"? A new book looks at the future of the globalized city.
03.12.2004 · Reviewed by Chloé Lachauer

Germany's Downhill Ride
Finally, the country's crisis is discussed in public
14.06.2004 · Reviewed by Jürgen Turek

A monumental work
Jürgen Turek reviews Manuell Castell's publication "The Information Age"
04.05.2004 · Reviewed by Jürgen Turek

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