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CAP Launches a New Research Group on the Global Future

01.04.1998 · Research Group on the Global Future

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The Center for Applied Political Research (CAP) has a new research group: the Research Group on the Global Future, in partnership with the Aventis Foundation, is developing the concept and agenda for a Trialogue among Europe, Asia and America. The group will host an annual forum - the Aventis Triangle Forum - that brings together top decision makers from all three regions in politics, business, science, art, and media to consider the question of how we want to live in the future. The project will also work to find common methods of bringing about a more stable world development.

Growing globalization of politics, culture, and economics has grave implications for social change. The tempo, intensity and size of current changes have consequences that disturb all of our current systems - individual existence as much as the overall social environment, the natural fundamentals of life as well as the normative foundations of the political, economic, and socio-cultural systems in which we all live. Steering this global change that disturbs so many people requires international, intercultural cooperation - a cooperation among partners who understand the problems, risks and chances of future societies, a cooperation among many fields of knowledge and points of view.

The project that the Research Group on the Global Future has conceptualized and will implement, in cooperation with the Aventis Foundation, has a consciously intercultural and interdisciplinary beginning. Its goal is to establish a Trialogue among Europeans, Americans and Asians that analyzes developments in the areas of technology, business, politics and society, that identifies inter- or intra-regional possibilities for both conflict and cooperation, in order to help leaders make better decisions about tomorrow's world society. The intellectual reservoir of the Aventis Triangle Forum will contain not only prominent actors from politics and business, but also artists, opinion leaders and scientists from various disciplines.

The tasks of the CAP's Research Group on the Global Future include preparing the Forum's content, selection and recruitment of participants, leading Input Task Forces to prepare for the Forum, and communicating all results. The outcomes of the Forum will be released in multimedia memos simultaneously in Europe, America and Asia. The Group's home page reports regularly on the situation, key questions, and results of the ongoing projects. Much of the Group's work will premiere on the internet, in order to build a world-wide discussion among interested participants.

For regular updates about the Aventis Triangle Forum and the activities of the Research Group on the Global Future at the Center for Applied Policy Research, send a quick e-mail to fgz@lrz.uni-muenchen.de.