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German Trend-Book

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13.09.2004 · C·A·P

Which were the developments that had a formative influence on the Federal Republic of Germany and which political need for action do they imply? The 'Deutschland-TrendBuch' traces the social, welfare state, political and cultural aspects of the German realities. The analyses on new trends by 24 proven authors identify problem areas and develop first attempts to resolve these problems.

The 'Deutschland-TrendBuch' offers both: fact-oriented knowledge transfer and disclosure of society trends. Historical development balances and stocktakings enriched by numerous data and graphics provide information on the transformation processes in areas of life and work of the Germans. The definition of the position of Germany is completed by the revelation of trends. Thus the book is also a guideline for politics: Not nebulous prognoses on the future but trends identified by a comprehensive logic are the basis to show modernization processes and perspectives and alternatives to pending reforms.

The authors of the 'Deutschland-TrendBuch' have consciously chosen a broad viewpoint in their analyses beyond their own topic. In addition, discussions on problems are thematically linked with each other over and above the individual chapters. This is visualized in the introductory synoptic comparison of the central theses and trends of the themes dealt with in this volume.

Representative opinion polls were especially conceived for this book as an innovative element and as an empirical basis for many trend observations. Under the overall control and by the order of the Association of German Banks together with the authors, the Institute for practical social order (ipos Mannheim) made inquiries ("Germany in the process of changing") with 1,502 citizens entitled to vote. The authors have intensively included the investigated data in their analyses and interpretations according to their topics. The central results as well as data taken from several time series of former inquiries are clearly documented in the final chapter of the 'Deutschland-TrendBuch'.

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24 Autoren spüren gesellschaftlichen, wohlfahrtstaatlichen, politischen und kulturellen Tends nach.
01.12.2001 · Forschungsgruppe Deutschland