Geist & Zeit

Research Group on German Affairs

13.09.2004 · C·A·P

In Germany, political and social debates tend to segment. Often, questions and challenges are not considered in their context and the correlations between policy, economy and society are disregarded. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for intellectual discussion. Policy, economy and society are confronted with the question of planning and shaping the future. The changes in economy and communication demand new political concepts , globalization provokes the way society perceives itself.

Against this background, the Center for Applied Policy Research took the initiative - together with Philip Morris Germany - and brought the series of colloquia Geist & Zeit into being. The initiators wanted to promote reflexions and discussions which go beyond the perspective of daily policy. The aim was to question and to discuss principal issues of political culture in Germany in the context of our actual political and social debates for modernization.

The colloquia for the Geist & Zeit series took place annually in The Ritz-Carlton Schlosshotel in Berlin. Each colloquium discussed different social and political issues. For every colloquium, a report had been published.


Daniel von Hoyer, M.A.