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Research Group on German Affairs

13.09.2004 · C·A·P

The Research Group on German Affairs at the Munich-based Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P) researches fundamental questions and contemporary issues of the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany. This includes topics of German European policy. For this purpose it applies methods of political science, social science and contemporary history. The Research Group on German Affairs has developed this focus since the early 1980s.

The research projects are supported by a network of experts and scientists in Germany and abroad. Moreover, the research group co-operates with universities, other research institutions and bodies responsible for political education.

The research focusses on the role of Germany in Europe and the world, German national identity and regional identities in Germany and issues arising from the field of German democracy and its perception in the public. In addition, aspects of governmental decision making and the development of political parties are another emphasis of the Research Group members. Since 1989/90, consequences and challenges of German unification have been added as an important issue of research.


Currently the Research Group works in four areas of interest:

1. Germany - History, Presence, Future

  • The History of German Unification

  • Handbook on the Unification of Germany

  • German Trend-Book

2. Governance and Parties

  • Government styles and decision patterns in Germany

  • Party and Electoral system

  • Politics and mass media

  • Governmental decision in Open Societies

3. Political Culture / Identity / Historical awareness

  • Political culture in the process of inner unity

  • Political understanding and participation

  • The German Question in the Perception of the West-Germans

  • Historical Awareness and regional identities

4. German Foreign policy

  • Bureaucratic Regimes in the Process of German Unification

  • Foreign Policy in a United Germany

  • "The German Way": Values and Interests


The Research Group organizes regular workshops, for example the new generation talks where perspectives of German democracy and politics are debated.

Geist & Zeit is a series of colloquia on the challenges for politics, economics and society in Germany and Europe. Initiated by the CAP in cooperation with the Philip Morris GmbH Germany, the participants discuss current political questions of principle.

Ten years after the fall of the iron curtain the Research Group organized in co-operation with the "Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung" (the Federal Agency for General Politcal Education), the association "Gegen Vergessen, für Demokratie" (Against Oblivion, in favor of Democracy), and the "Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam" (Center for Research on Contemporary History in Potsdam) the "Geschichtsforum 1949 - 1989 - 1999 - Getrennte Vergangenheit, gemeinsame Geschichte" (Historical Platform 1949 - 1989 - 1999. Seperated Past - Shared History) in Berlin.


The members of the Research Group have published various books and articles. In the series of the Research Group on German Affairs results of research projects are presented (overview of publications; in german only). The research group has a modern infrastructure at its disposal which encompasses a documentation center, a library, and a database for scientific research.


Research Group on German Affairs
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