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The presidential election in the United States 2008

Who is in on it? And who pays for it?

14.05.2007 · Improving Responsiveness

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The 2008 presidential race is still one year away, but the election has already drawn the attention of the population and the media, not only in the United States but also worldwide. One reason is the extraordinary situation that for the first time since 1928, the presidential election will be without incumbents. After two terms in office, George W. Bush is not allowed to strive after the presidential office again. Vice president Dick Cheney already announced in 2001 that he would not run for president, a statement he adamantly defended in 2004. The election field is therefore wide-open to candidates of both the Democratic and the Republican Party. In fact, several early-runners have already formally declared their candidacies. Initially, Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and John McCain on the Republican side were the front-runners for the presidential campaign. The presidential election 2008 promises to become even more interesting as high-profile candidates of distinctly different background like Barack Obama, “the Wunderkind”, and Rudy Giuliani, the “Hero of 9/11”, decided to enter the electoral campaign. But they are not the only candidates for the Vanity Fair, this presidential race is likely to become.

In the following series of articles, C·A·P experts comment the presidential election 2008 in the United States in its different phases of the presidential campaign.

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