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C·A·P becomes member of the Euro-Mediterranean Studies Commission (EuroMeSCo)

Annual Conference in Amman (Jordan)

21.10.2008 · C·A·P

At its Annual Conference in Amman (Jordan) the General Assembly of the EuroMeSCo-Network approved the C·A·P's application for membership. After years of cooperation with EuroMeSCo without being an official member, the C·A·P now formally joined the largest network of research institutes working on Euro-Mediterranean/ Middle East issues. EuroMeSCo includes over eighty think tanks, universities and other research institutions of the thirty-nine member-countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP). Hence, the network constitutes an important element of the European Research Area.

For almost fifteen years, the C·A·P has been engaged in research on Middle-Eastern politics. The so-called Kronberg talks, which are jointly organised by the C·A·P and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, are the best known aspect of the project Europe and the Middle East. In addition to that, the C·A·P is working on EU-Mediterranean politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran and the security in the Gulf region, the international role of Turkey and other questions of Middle Eastern politics. Over the years, the C·A·P has published papers on a wide range of related issues and conducted round-tables, conferences and seminars on various topics of Middle Eastern politics. Further, the C·A·P hosts scholars from the Middle East and from Europe who are researching on relevant topics on a regular basis.

Membership at EuroMeSCo allows the C·A·P to further strengthen its already existing working-relations and establish new partnerships with other members of EuroMeSCo. This contributes to the research capacities of the C·A·P not only in relation to Middle Eastern politics, but also beyond.

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