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Understanding the European Union

A 5-day Executive Learning Seminar, Brussels, September 1 to 5, 2005, The GCC-EU Partnership Program

Understanding the European Union
A 5-day Executive Learning Seminar
The GCC-EU Partnership Program
Brussels, Belgium
September 1 to 5, 2005

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29.08.2005 · Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik

What is the European Union Program?

  • An innovative and in-depth executive learning program focusing on the key strategic relationship between the Arab Gulf region and the European Union
  • A program bringing together leaders from government, business, academia and the independent sector for a week long session of highly focused presentations and intense debate.
  • An opportunity to gain unprecedented knowledge and insight into the workings of the European Union from knowledgeable practitioners and insiders
  • An initial building block in the establishment of a life-long network of experts

The European Union Program is conducted by the Gulf Research Center (GRC) in conjunction with the Center for Applied Policy Research at the University of Munich in Germany.

GRC is a leading Arab think tank focusing on political, strategic, economic and social research questions confronting the Arab world. GRC combines the qualities of research expertise, a broad network of researchers and partners from which to draw on with its in-depth knowledge about the current status of public policy research in the Arab world. Chairman of the Gulf Research Center is Mr. Abdulaziz Sager.

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C·A·P is the largest university policy research institute on European and international questions in Germany. Headed by Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld, the Center's director, the C·A·P brings together key policy practitioners from throughout Europe to discuss in-depth the politics and policies of the European Union and how these relate to the Gulf region.

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