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Election, EU-Enlargement & ESDP

Interview with Dr. Dan Hamilton about U.S. foreign policy strategies.

Dr. Dan Hamilton, Director of SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations at John Hopkins University, gives an outlook about U.S. foreign policy strategies.

22.05.2003 · C·A·P

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  1. Which strategy will the U.S. security policy follow within the next years? Will diplomacy be underpinned by the ultimate willingness to use force? (2'13")

  2. Presidential elections are often lost or won on domestic issues, not foreign policy. But now terrorism spreads and national security is a domestic concern. What role will U.S. domestic affairs play in foreign affairs? How will this affect the presidential election? Is George W. Bush likely to be reelected in 2004? (2'47'')

  3. On a mini-summit on April 29 the leaders of Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg discussed the creation of a European defence union. Do you think this iniative will be successful? Or is it possible that the new European push for defence autonomy will discredit the European security and defence policy (ESDP)? (0'58")

  4. How will an enlarged Europe of 25 countries affect the transatlantic relationship? (4'07'')

  5. When Colin Powell visited Germany, Chancellor Schröder emphasized the deep ties shared between Germany and the US which he said were "bound by a really vital friendship." What is your opinion? Is there a friendship or still a misunderstanding? (3'08'')

  6. In february, Russia, Germany and France issued a joint declaration on the need to find a peaceful solution to the Iraq-crisis. How do you evaluate this axis of cooperation? (2'40")

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