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Why the EU Should Differentiate More Within the Eastern Partnership

C·A·Perspectives · 1 · 2014

Christoph Schnellbach: Why the EU Should Differentiate More Within the Eastern Partnership
C·A·Perspectives · 1 · 2014

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17.10.2014 · Christoph Schnellbach

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The next High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy will have the major task of managing EU relations with Eastern neighbouring countries. This will be a great challenge facing the intra- and international problems in the region: The conflict between Russia, Ukraine and other countries of Russia`s “near abroad”, secessionist movements, the energy crisis, democratization, the fight against corruption – to name only a few. The next European Commission (term 2014-2019) will also have to deal with the upcoming EU accession wave concerning Western Balkan countries while furthering talks with Turkey. The article deals with the external dimension of differentiated integration using the example of the Eastern Partnership. A multi-speed Europe has become reality since the Eastern enlargement in 2004/07. Against this background and due to recent developments in the Eastern neighbourhood, the EU needs to adjust its enlargement policy.

Diese Publikation basiert auf der Veranstaltung "Summer School on European Security" in Kiew (Juni 2014) und wurde im Rahmen des "Sonderprogramms Ukraine" vom DAAD aus Mitteln des Auswärtigen Amtes gefördert.

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