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Organizing a Federal Structure for Europe

An EU Catalogue of Competencies

Thomas Fischer/Nicole Schley: Organizing a Federal Structure for Europe. An EU Catalogue of Competencies, Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers, Gütersloh 2000, ISBN 3-89204-541-0
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06.12.2000 · Bertelsmann Forschungsgruppe Politik

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An efficient and sufficiently legitimized performance of tasks by the European Union depends on a clear-cut delimination of responsibilities between the supranational and national levels of government.

Against this background the authors of the study elaborate the model for a dual EU catalogue of competencies including a revised amendment procedure for the Treaty on the European Union, governing the future assignment of regulatory powers to the European level. The authors show that it is possible to clarify the distribution of tasks in the EU multilevel system without endangering the dynamism of European integration through an inflexible framework of responsibilities.

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