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Next Europe
MISU's European Studies Program kicks off at GSI
10.08.2016 · C·A·P

Youth and politics don't mix?
Evaluation of the Structured Dialogue in Germany Says Otherwise
01.08.2016 · C·A·P

Europe.Excellence.Collegue – new initiative at C·A·P
What have the Colleagues been up to?
27.06.2016 · C·A·P

New release: The graphic novel Three Stones and corresponding educational materials
Presentation on May 20th in Berlin
11.05.2016 · C·A·P

Syria conflict and refugee crisis
Verification trip to Southeast Anatolia
26.04.2016 · C·A·P

German Court Rules Antiterrorism Laws Partly Unconstitutional
New York Times article with statements by Michael Bauer
20.04.2016 · New York Times

Call for Applications: Policy Advice and Strategy Development
Leading Change Across the Mediterranean
14.03.2016 · C·A·P

EU-Australia European Studies Program
A three-week academic program in Munich
22.02.2016 · C·A·P

Leading Change Across the Mediterranean
Bavarian-Tunisian Program on Policy Advice and Strategy Development
21.01.2016 · C·A·P

European perspectives on non formal learning
Finnish researcher Dr. Siru Korkala at C·A·P
14.12.2015 · C·A·P

Young Leaders Forum in Tunisia
Leading Change Across the Mediterranean
27.11.2015 · C·A·P

Young Leaders Forum
Turkey after the elections: implications for the Middle East and Europe
26.11.2015 · C·A·P

As Refugee Issue Divides U.S., Germans Come Together
Statements by Werner Weidenfeld
18.11.2015 · Buzz Feed News

Germany 'in terrorists' sights', warn experts
Statements by Michael Bauer
16.11.2015 · The Local

Training of Trainers on Challenges of Modern Societies in Egypt
Cooperation of C·A·P with the Goethe-Institut Cairo and the Tahrir Lounge Cairo
26.10.2015 · C·A·P

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