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European Studies Summer School at the C·A·P

Partner Program with the National University of Singapore

25.06.2014 · C·A·P

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For the fifth time, the Center for Applied Policy Research hosted a group of students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) for the studies program "Approaching the European Union". The European Studies Program is part of Ludwig-Maximilian University's Munich International Summer University (MISU) and jointly organized by the C·A·P and the International University Club of the LMU (IUCM).

The program provides a thorough overview of the history and institutional functioning of the European Union, European trade and development policies, Europe’s role in international affairs and the European economics. In addition, this year’s program puts a special focus on the developments within the European southern and eastern Neighborhood.

Included will be trips to Austria as well as the Czech Republic to bring a true practical European aspect into the program and offer students insights into different perspectives.

In addition to the program with NUS, C·A·P and IUCM also organize European studies programs with the Chinese partner universities Peking University, Tongji, Fudan, Tsinghua and Zheijing as well as Chulalongkorn University Bangkok. This year, CAP, IUCM in collaboration with the Middle East and International Affairs Research Group (MEIA) will also launch a new Middle East Summer School.

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