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Curriculum Development Workshop in Tunisia

Workshop with trainers from Egypt, Tunisia and Germany

23.10.2012 · C·A·P

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In cooperation with the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the John D. Gerhart Center of the American University in Cairo and with funding from the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, the C·A·P launched the project Leading Change Across the Mediterranean for young executives from Arab transformation- and European countries, coordinated by Michael Bauer .

In this context, a first curriculum development workshop took place from September 7th to 11th in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. The workshop aimed at connecting experiences and methods concerning democracy learning in transition situations, developed a roadmap for a series of civic education workshops for community leaders in Tunisia and Egypt and discussed indicators for the evaluation of the overall project as well as the specific training-workshops. The participants exchanged experiences, concepts and methods as well as examples of good practice. In four days of intensive work, specific workshop-formats for community leaders in Tunisia as well as in Egypt were developed. As a next step both concepts will be tested and evaluated.

Susanne Ulrich and Florian Wenzel from C·A·P's Academy Leadership & Competence facilitated the workshop. Michael Bauer is the coordinator of the Middle East programmes at C·A·P.

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